Minibeam LED Projector with Embedded Battery and Built-in Digital Tuner

Tip of the month: Depending on your device you can hook up an external screen TV, computer screen, projector, etc. Can I have a window with just the lyrics? Definitely, the singing doesn’t need to stop! All of our apps have a dual display feature. This feature lets you continue searching for songs, add them to the queue, add a singer’s name How do I activate the second window on Windows and Mac? Click on the dual display button.

eTailers for PS600X

Verified purchase I absolutely love this little thing I need is a tripod and. And I’m set for a good movie night I’m very happy with the resolution of the product considering its size Shannon H. Verified purchase I bought this as a surprise for my husband for our bedroom which isn’t very large but does hold a king size bed and large side by side dresser.

We’ve come up with 8 unique uses for Google’s Chromecast. Read on to find out just how you can make even more use of your Chromecast.

In order to get the Chromecast running, it is necessary to get it connected to the Wi-Fi network. Open up Chrome browser on the Mac and go to chromecast. Agree to the Privacy and Terms The app will then search for available Chromecasts. The Chromecast only connects to 2. Switch networks and you’ll see it. The Mac must be connected to the same 2. Click the Continue button.

How to Connect a Laptop to a Projector

In order to use this method, first, you must check that whether your Projector has an app, which allows your device to connect using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Known companies like Panasonic projectors may have Android phone projector app, or you can just go to the official website of the company, which has manufactured your projector, and check if there is any app available for your Projector.

Probably this is the easiest method to connect your Android device to your Projector. Your Android device will need to support hard-wired video connection. But who knows, you may be the lucky one.

A couple of HDMI slots (one of which can take an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku Streaming Stick, Google Chromecast or a direct hook-up to a phone or tablet), a mm audio output, a 3D sync slot, 12V.

A stereo receiver Amazon A stereo receiver will serve two functions in this home-theater setup: The first is connecting the speakers I’m recommending to the projector, the second is giving you way more inputs. Traditionally, you’d hook all of your components up to your TV directly, but instead you’ll hook them up to your receiver, and use its remote to cycle through them. It adds another remote into the equation, but once you get used to it, it’s not a problem.

This Yamaha receiver even has Bluetooth, so you can stream your tunes to it even when you’re not using it with your projector Setup 2: Andrew Jones speakers Amazon A few years back, Pioneer hired Andrew Jones, one of the foremost authorities on speaker construction, to use his expertise to create a great set of affordable speakers. Using all of his know-how, Jones was able to create an entire set of speakers — I’ve heard the bookshelf ones listed here and they’re phenomenal for the price.

They can get loud without being distorted, but sound just as sweet when used at a low volume. You could buy the entire set, but constructing this solid 2. This post is brought to you by Business Insider’s Insider Picks team.

Best mirroring devices that wirelessly display phone, laptop and tablet screens

Though it may seem like a daunting task to transform your living space into an ultimate entertainment venue, we’ve prepared a handy guide to walk you through everything you need. Picking a projector based only on price will likely result in a less than optimal setup. It’s important to make sure you choose one that works well for the environment you’ll be using it in.

Consider the brightness, contrast, connectivity options and placement flexibility of the projector. We’ll cover each of these in brief, with links to further information if you would like more details. Brightness is measured in lumens, with most home theater projectors falling between 1, to 2, lumens.

Q: Can you hook it up to a DVD player? A: Yes. Q: I hooked up my apple tv to it, but cannot hear sound now when playing Netflix Help! A: Send your sound to a suround system using the headphone jack on the projector.

With the ability to cast any tab from your Chrome browser onto your TV, or even cast your entire desktop, the Google Chromecast becomes more than just a way to watch online videos on your TV — it becomes an incredibly productive and exciting tool. Read on to find out just how you can make even more use of your Chromecast. If you have yet to purchase a Chromecast, find out if its the right fit for you by reading our in-depth review Google Chromecast Review and Giveaway Google Chromecast Review and Giveaway We’re giving away a Google Chromecast, so read through our review, then join the competition to win!

If you upload your photos to a photo-sharing site like Flickr, a social network like Facebook, or even just back them up to a service like Dropbox, you can simply browse the photos in your Chrome browser, and cast that tab to your television. Rather than crowd around a small computer screen, bring your photos to life on a large screen. Share A Demo Or Presentation A great trick with Chromecast is the ability to cast more than just a tab to your TV screen — you can cast your entire desktop.

Again, like when using Chromecast to put on a presentation, you can cast your entire desktop, not just a tab. Better yet, if you have a portable webcam, set it atop the TV. You then have a huge screen to see whoever it is your video conferencing with on a huge screen. Amazon Video can be cast through your Chrome tab. Hulu web-only content can be viewed on your TV. As long as you can play it in your browser, you can view it on your television set.

5 great things you can do with a Google Chromecast

Shutterstock It’s possible to give a great presentation using your cell phone — all it takes is a little know-how, or in some cases, an extra cable. Here’s how to turn your Android phone into a presentation tool. To use AllCast you’ll need a compatible set-top box. Once the app is installed on both your smartphone and secondary device, you can stream your business presentation to a larger display using a Wi-Fi connection.

Unfortunately, your Android smartphone probably has neither of those.

Digital Trends. More Being a short-throw projector, the THST can project an up to inch, full HD p image from less than five feet away. Our handy guide will show you how to hook.

Any of our picks will produce a to inch image quite easily with a box you can move around as needed—no heavy display panels to drag around, and no need to permanently install it anywhere. We focused on projectors designed primarily for watching movies and TV shows. As a result, their image may not be realistic, with cartoonish greens, washed-out reds, and cyan-tinged blues.

All projectors need a screen of some sort. How we picked Projectors can range in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. In my experience reviewing projectors at all tiers, paying more generally gets you a better contrast ratio and therefore a better-looking image. The two most important attributes of a projector are contrast ratio and brightness.

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One of my duties as Executive Director of the Iowa PGA is to conduct approximately thirty professional golf tournaments per year. We have implemented electronic scoreboards to save staff time and money for our association. We setup the electronic scoreboards in one of two ways; with an lcd projector, or by using the HDMI input on televisions within the golf clubhouse.

To connect up speakers to the projector you will need an audio-out port. But don’t let this put you off. The reason I say that is because you could instead connect the speakers to your media playing device, which is bound to have an audio-out port.

Share on Facebook So you’re looking to add an audio component to your presentations. Epson projectors do not have audio pass-throughs, meaning there is no way to connect audio directly to the projector to play sound. However, it is possible to connect a stereo directly to the same computer or component to which you’ve hooked up the projector. Then, your audio will sync up with your on-screen presentation without a problem.

Add an audio component to your presentations. Connect Audio Step Determine what type of audio output you will be working with. If you’re using a computer, you will likely need to plug into your headphone port, which is a small, round port called a 3. These are two round ports, one red, one white, and likely on the back. If this is the case, skip to Step 3. Step Connect a 3. This will allow your headphone jack to accommodate RCA audio outputs for connection to your stereo.

Insert the long, thin metal end into your headphone jack. Make sure to match up the red and white color-coding.

Set up Chromecast to Projector & Surround Sound

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